Thursday, November 5, 2009


I should follow up that last post with the conclusion to the story...but I don't have time at the moment. But its turning out well so far. ;)


chris & annie said...

Soo, I love your mind and the way it works. You make me laugh long after you have gone out the door, and I am always sharing stories of things you've said or done with Chris, he laughs with me and we sigh and say, "ahh, that Beckah" we're so happy to have you enriching our lives and part of our family!!
You are thoughtful, observant, wise beyond your years, and hilariously funny. Your presence in our home and lives has changed our lives for the better and we are so thankful for you Beckah Delery. Know that you are so loved here, by all of us. Even Harmony, haha.
Your big friend,

becks said...

Awww!!! Thanks big friend. :) <3

"even Harmony." haha! Awesome. ;)