Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I found these old twenty five cent machine aliens the other night that I use to collect when I was little. haha. Those were the days. ;)

Spring cleaning!....not but seriously, kinda.

I decided to finally clean up the laundry room yesterday. I think it turned out ok. :) I really want to paint it though....oh well.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My day :)

What a retched time off the morning o be getting up at. I don't mind getting up early in the summer time, but in the winter, it should be against the law or something.....

Coffee at 7:15 with my youth leader Audrey (not pictured haha).

Then off to the library! I was parked there for more then two hours....

The "Teen Zone" haha

Writing down some bible verses to hang on my wall. :D

Some cd's I got from the library :)

then finally movie night with the Mays. :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Airport.....ness ;)

Ben left for England today! I got to take him to the airport. :D And we had breakfast with one of his roommates and Lesa before we went to the airport. It was pretty fun. :D I got one picture in before he had to check in and have his things searched. haha. Its a pretty good one I think.....aside from me that is. ;)

Driving :D

I love driving in the warm weather. :) And plus, I thought this was a cool picture. ;)

Ice cream!

This was some ice cream that a friend of mine had on super-bowl sunday that I thought was pretty cool looking. :)

Flying with Ben :D

Ben took me flying last week and it was awesome!! It was so cool seeing all the things that he's been learning the last few months. :) When we were getting ready to take off I heard my friend Ellie on the radio too. haha. She was coming into land a helicopter. It was really cool. :) After we landed we went to Subway and then I had to rush down to Prinville to watch my nephews while by oldest brother was at his doctor appointment. It would have been really cool to have been able to stay and have lunch with Ben but, duty called. ;)