Wednesday, November 11, 2009

why do I always blog at night?

Well, just in case you would like to know, my friend Annie gave me some alka seltzer today, and it worked beautifully. ;)

Anyhoots. The past two days have been lovely (yes, I just said lovely). Last night was so wonderful. I forget how much I love hanging out at the Mays house. Anna and I just sat in her room most of the night, but it was so nice. :) I made her listen to this really cool Super Mario jazz theme over and over again, we talked, I read a little bit ( a very little bit), she crocheted, we laughed. It was a good time. It always kind of makes me laugh that Anna and I ended up such good friends. We're so different in almost every way, but somehow we find things to talk about and we always enjoy each others company. And she's the absolute BEST person to housesit with. Hands down. :) And no one else appreciates Wallace & Gromit as much as we do. ;) So that was last night, and it was amazing.

Today, I went over to my friends Annie And Chris's house. Annie and I played wii and she let me listen to a copy of Chris's new CD (you should all buy his CD when it comes out, its quite possibly the best thing ever:). I can't really explain, but it was just a really nice time. :) You know those moments when your perfectly content to be exactly where you are, doing exactly what your doing? That was today from the hours of 3:00 to 5:35. It's a comforting feeling knowing that no matter what, I'm always welcome there. It's not really a feeling I've ever had before. I know there are places that I'm welcome, but there's something different about Chris and Annie's. It would take me a long time to write out all the reasons I'm so grateful for meeting this family, and maybe someday that blog will appear, but for now this will be okay. <3


chris and annie said...

Thanks. You made me cry. I love you Becks.

Anna Kristine said...

Aww...your the best too Becks! I also think it's funny how we both miss house sitting at the creepiest place in the world. But there were some good memories there. :)
And it is weird how we're so different but yet find things in common. I think sometimes though that's what's interesting. It's fascinating to listen to some one who thinks and views things differently than you. And I like your mario piano theme song. :) It's happy.
Man, I wish I had something so deep and profound to say...but I can't think of anything.
I love you. And that's about as profound as I can be. :)

Anna Kristine said...

So...I got off work early today so I walked over to Natures because I've been wanting to buy some eybright for my eyeballs and St. John's Wort for my moods.
The Crowd: Yay! Finally! Horray!
Me: shut up. I got home and read the labels...they said "take () ammount preferrably with food.
Anyway...I finished the last 1/3 of my sandwhich from lunch and took them...because that was taking them with food. Yes.
Well, I almost threw up.
The Crowd: Uh...TMI.
Me: (in the words of Zac Efron) I don't care.
So...instead of coming home and blogging about it and grossing out my readers, I decided to leave you a nice long story comment.
Lucky you.

the end

chris and annie said...

I miss my friends Beckah!!! It's only been like 4 days since I last saw you, but STILL, geez...where you hiding out miss?? I hope you come tonight!!!!
Love ya!