Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yep. Good day.

I actually got my room clean today. I'm not gonna lie, I think it's been a few months since it was last embarrassing. And here is the finished product:

Yes. Those are chuck Norris posters. Don't hate me cuz I'm awesome. ;)

The desk area (that never gets used).

Where all The Office watching goes down. ;)

And the amazing nightstand.

Well, there you have it. My room. Very blue. With a lot of converse.
Now I'm off to go wash all the dust that's giving me a headache down the drain.


SisterlyLove said...

Hey Beck!! It's me! Amazing, I know. I'm actually on the computer! Wow!
Anyway... I miss you! I was totally sad not to see you at the Fox's house... I was not a pretty sight! But I wont give you too much info. I don't want to scare all of your other commenters away. =] Anyway.. I hope I will see you sometime soon! It's been much too looong.
Love ya!

ps oh yeah.. nice cleaning job! You inspire me! Don't you just love a clean room? *sigh* wonderful.

SisterlyLove said...

Ha ha! I just read the quote from 'The Injury'. HA! That's my favorite episode of the Office! "Pan?" =] =]
Michael: "Middle Name?"
Dwight: "Danger."
Jim: "It's Kurt. Sad that I know that..."


Anna Kristine said...

Becks...your room looks amazing and I'm sitting here really wishing I had done a bolder blue in my room. Mine is so icy but yours is a warmer tropical blue. I love it very much. :)
Anyway...yay for accomplishment. Doesn't it feel grand? :)
Love you.

chris and annie said...

Good work comrade!!!!!
I salute you in your accomplishment. In fact, I was so inspired by you saying you cleaned YOUR room the other day, I spent all day today (yes, Saturday) cleaning Eli's room: which was atrocious, btw...atrocious. I have never seen more sick looking carpet, walls, surfaces, trash stuffed in every corner and drawer, lego pieces It took me three or four vacuumings to actually get the place dust-less., your room is hot, very nice. Wish someday I could actually see it with me own eyes! Sigh...
Love ya friend.