Thursday, March 19, 2009


So yesterday I went to a bible study in Powell Butte that my sister in-law had invited me to. Well, since I live about a half hour away I had to get up a bit early, and because of this, I wanted a coffee. So here was my logic: I figured that if I got up at 7:20 and left at 8:00 I could have some breakfast before I left. And seeing as Powell Butte doesn't have a dutch bros. Or any other form of coffee place for that matter, I knew that I would need to go to town for the coffee. So, I thought that if I left at 8 it would take me about 20 or 30 minutes to get to town, get the coffee, and get back to powell butte highway. Well, I left a tad early for whatever reason and by 8:07 I had gotten my coffee and was on my way back to the highway. By 8:15 I was passing the turn off to my house and I thought, "I should just go home and wait the extra 15 minutes that I have instead of just driving out there right now". Well I didn't do that. So, By 8:30 I was almost to the church, (45 minutes early) so I thought I would just go explore some of the roads I had never been on. This is what I found:

These baby cows were just chilling outside the of them coughed at me...I didn't even know cows could cough. ha. ;)

So yes, That was my Wednesday morning adventure. Exciting eh?
wow, I just wrote a really long blog about almost nothing...and put pictures of cows in it....thats so retarded.


SisterlyLove said...

Aha! I spy a brown fuzzy thing on four legs...

Nice. I like nothing and cows. It's funny and entertaining. =]

SisterlyLove said...

Aloha! You should check out our blog. I thought if no one else appreciates it you would. =]

SisterlyLove said...

heh heh! I love it! Cows are extremely stupid at times. =) Our cow is the meanest thing! He chases me when I go to get the mail. Its a good thing he's not smart enough to know he could brake down the fence with the slightest nudge.. Unfortunately it still scares the carp out of me! I should be used to it by now i guess.. but what I still don't get is that he doesn't chase ANY of the other girls. He only chases me... How do find that? Its pure cruelty.. Good day and happiness Beck! love you!