Thursday, February 19, 2009

My day :)

What a retched time off the morning o be getting up at. I don't mind getting up early in the summer time, but in the winter, it should be against the law or something.....

Coffee at 7:15 with my youth leader Audrey (not pictured haha).

Then off to the library! I was parked there for more then two hours....

The "Teen Zone" haha

Writing down some bible verses to hang on my wall. :D

Some cd's I got from the library :)

then finally movie night with the Mays. :)


Anna Kristine said...

Eeeesh, how scary I look! Cool pics Bex! Love the one of your pen and such. Schaweet. Love you.

becks said...

Thanks! :D

SisterlyLove said...

Ha ha! cool post! I like the pic of you and Anna! You guys are a hoot. =]

SisterlyLove said...

Panic at the Disco?

Nice. :)