Sunday, March 23, 2008


Today one of my best friends got married. I've been thinking lately how awesome it is that we became such good friends. I won't get into the reasons why this is so funny, but I will say our families are somewhat divided. And you would think that we would be too, but like I said in my last blog, we always find some way to joke about it. The last week was kinda sucky because I didn't really get to talk to her at all, but I feel kind of selfish saying that seeing as how the week before a person gets married is really busy and stressful I suppose (having no experience myself ;). But I did get to talk to her a little at the wedding (which I didn't think i would get to). So here I am, listening to blink 182 (which always make me think of her, haha) writing this blog even though I should be packing. I will say though before I go, that its really hard to have someone who you've had so many good times with and who has been (and still is!) one of your best friends, move away. *tear* Come to think of it, I have more memories with her then any other friend I have. But, we'll have more in the future. :) I just have to be patient. I hate waiting. haha.

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Anna Kristine said...

Memories are awesome! They're almost bittersweet sometimes, because they're lovely to remember but sad because they're over. But it's true, it's so important to live in the moment, and make every moment a good memory.
There will be many more memories with her, I know it! The adventure has only begun! :) You've had an amazing beginning to your friendship! :D I believe the years to come will only get better.